The Music of Your Soul

The Music of Your Soul

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February 10, 2022
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April 26, 2022

Deep within you lies a song that only you can hear.  This soundtrack, your theme song, holds your true joy, your vitality, fulfillment and purpose. It is the music of your soul.

Although you have the only ears that can hear it, it is hidden within…. unless you follow the faint whisperings that lead you deeper toward your true expression. If you could only hear it.

Once you hear the whisperings, you must then make the choice… Do you follow? Do you explore? Do you allow yourself the adventure of exploring what makes your soul sing?  Or do you ignore and get lost in the busyness of your day, your mind, your story?

Those whispers are alluring, designed to lull you towards your true joy. As you follow, the song gets louder and louder until you are in the song and you become the song. You and the song are one.

And once you’ve tasted it, it becomes more and more obvious when you are not listening to the song of your soul.

Has your music alluded you?  Listen carefully to what brings you joy in the moment, what lights you up. It’s not about thinking, knowing or doing. It’s about BEING.

Even though the beingness is expressed through your thinking, your knowing and your doing.  This can complicate things for you if you’re not careful. You can be decoyed into thinking you have it, when you don’t. You have to go inside to really tell.  Not in your head, but heart and soul.

It’s that essence within you that offers a delicious knowing of “here I am and I am in my joy of simply being.”  These moments feel timeless, when you get lost in the sheer bliss of your soul delighting in the creation of your experience. 

In these moments, you are expressing the beauty of your soul, connecting with the beauty of Life and the essence of Creation itself. Perhaps this is eternity…

But at first the song might sound like breadcrumbs or “this is the way.” In order to find it, you must listen to the stirrings of your heart, follow those breadcrumbs and relish in the sense of who you are.

There is no room for criticism, judgment, right or wrong in the sound chamber that holds your song. Those tings distort the music. There’s not even room for anyone else in your sound chamber. This is only about you. Yet when you learn your song, you play it for all of us. You might even say it is the gift you came here to bring.


By Linda Lang

Originally published in the Magic Happens ezine

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