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The Magic of Sacred Geometry and Sound Healing

Hardwired for Your Purpose?
August 21, 2018
Making Life Better
September 15, 2018

This episode of EXPLORING THE MYSTICAL SIDE OF LIFE, I am joined by Sonia Grover, transformational healer, channel, sound healer and animal communicator.

Sonia discusses how she healed her emotional self as an empath who had ‘stopped feeling’, and how she healed chronic pain in the process. Sonia shares how she began channelling and received symbols to help people with their ascension and transition to living in the 5th dimension.

You’ll learn about the use of numbers, shapes, symbols, and forms for healing… including easy ways to use symbols in your life.  You’ll also experience an energy shifting sound bath with the Hapi drum.

Cameo appearance by Linda’s cat 🙂





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