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The Gift of the Body

Becoming a Dragon Master
August 13, 2021
Ask Your Angels
September 6, 2021
Do you consider your body a gift or a curse? Many people try to transcend the physical body to access the spiritual realm. Yet our bodies house our spirits and it’s time to bring the spiritual into the physical world through our body, our Human Energy Vehicle.
In episode 134: Why do you have a body? Discover the gifts of your Human Energy Vehicle; How the physical body works with the energetic system; How pain is created and how to transform it; Mapping the complex chakra system; The most important place in the heart chakra; Where to access the energy of caring in your energy field; How to find compassion for yourself and the world.
My guest is Jonathan Goldman from the Essential Light Institute.
Scroll down to listen to the audio or read the transcript or watch on YouTube here.

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