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Spontaneous Awakening

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December 26, 2020
Kundalini Rising with Cobra
January 15, 2021
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Spontaneous Awakening

Have you ever wondered what a spontaneous awakening experience is like?

My guest is Brian C Watts, shares his personal experience and how it changed his life. Including: Kundalini rising; Reading/sensing energy; Inner Seeing & inner knowing; Synchronicity; Download of information; Heightened empathy; Premonition; Intuiting the radiance of Life; Orbs of light; Going into the Light; DMT; Energetic intention; The significance of EVERYTHING; Compassion as a spiritual requirement.

Brian’s full story is written in his book Northern Awakening ~ The Evolution of Consciousness.


Read the transcript, scroll down to listen to the audio or visit the PODCAST page (Season 10). the video version is available on our YouTube channel.

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