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Spirit Prayer

The Happiness & Fulfillment Spirit Prayer 


ENJOY a beautiful meditation that will raise your vibration

and allows healing and the expansion of consciousness,

bringing you more alignment

with your fulfillment and the energy of peace.

Allow more happiness and blessings in your life every day.


This is an easy to use but powerful process, only a few minutes daily can make a profound impact!

Your gift includes the Happiness & Fulfillment Spirit Prayer, e-book & audio meditation.


Set your intent and allow!




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About LindaLinda-2015

Linda Lang is a gifted healer and mentor. Her work combines high frequency energy work, intuitive skills and numerous transformational teachings,  such as Master Practitioner of NLP, hypnosis,  Huna shamanism and more.

Skilled at guiding you to release patterns, beliefs and emotions that no longer support you, Linda mentors and aligns you to step into a fuller expression of your authentic Self.

Visit her at www.thoughtchange.com for more information.