Season 11 - Thought Change

Season 11

Yoga as a Spiritual Path

Meet ex-marine David Richards, who shares his journey leaving the military & finding yoga to de-stress.  Yoga opened David up to a profound space within himself, deep and awakened his life purpose.

Episode 122: Why you need to feed the soul; Understand love and going deeper; Self-acceptance and self-love; Growing on your spiritual path; Relationships as a reflection; Human ideas of love vs pure unconditional love; Creating a fairy tale life; Past life connections; Jack Canfield’s prediction; Who we are is more important than what we do; Magic happens when you are on your divine path; The hero’s journey; The Universe talks to you; Bringing Spirit into every aspect of your life; Stepping out of conditional love; Your place in Universal Consciousness.  

Visit David at Reference: David’s books The Lighthouse Keeper and Whiskey &  Yoga  

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