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Rock Faces of Peru

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January 16, 2014
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January 31, 2014
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Rock Faces of Peru


There is definitely a spiritual quality that the land in Peru emanates.  With awareness, that magical quality is available even in the midst of poverty, surrounded by tourists or Peruvians diligently working to make their daily bread.  Perhaps it is simply the spirit of the land… or perhaps the ancient wisdom held within the Andes, or the memory of the past civilizations that Mini face 2built great temples that still amaze us today. Who knows for sure?


One thing that is certain, the land is incredibly beautiful and truly seems to have a tangible spirit.  Perhaps that is why many visitors on spiritual sojourns feel their heart is called by Peru…


In the land itself, there are faces that look out over the world.  They seem like natural formations, although perhaps in the distance past they were carved from the rock for reasons of protection, connection or worship of the gods.  The Andes mountain range in Peru is for the most part exposed and free from snow, and somehow seem to bear witness to humanity’s cycles of growth and destruction…


Many of these faces are found at sacred sites, giving an even more mystical air to their appearance.


If the mountains could talk, what stories they could tell!

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