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Confidence Speaking ~ Hypnosis



Are you ready to release that lump in your throat

whenever you speak in public?


The vast majority of people fear public speaking… even more than death!  If you’re one of those people that avoid public speaking, resist sharing your perspective, contributing in groups… or break into a cold sweat when you do… this hypnosis audio is for you!


Imagine… no more nervous shaking, sweating, nausea or butterflies in the stomach, rapid heartbeat, and squeaky voice.  Imagine naturally expressing yourself authentically whenever you speak — no matter what the size of your audience.


If you’re tired of being scared or anxious before voicing your thoughts, why not create a confident, powerful presence when you speak with the help of your subconscious?  Let go of any worries or doubts and unleash your public speaking potential. Enjoy the power of your voice and the confidence to express yourself naturally.


Confidence Speaking is a hypnosis audio is designed to help you release the fear of public speaking, so you can express yourself with ease and confidence. Transform the fear and anxiety you feel when it comes to speaking in public into freedom and clarity.


Perfect for listening to before bed, CONFIDENCE SPEAKING is filled with positive reinforcement, confidence boosting suggestions, and instructions for your unconscious so you can be calm, confident and at ease speaking in groups.


No more hiding your wisdom!


For best results, play on low volume and listen regularly for the first month, then whenever you need to. The progressive relaxation will help you fall asleep and access your subconscious mind to boost confidence and release fear and anxiety.  Wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed.


***Do Not Listen while driving or operating equipment that needs your attention.  Find a time when you won’t be distracted when you can relax and close your eyes.


After listening to Linda’s recordings for a few weeks, all I have to do is imagine her voice in my head and it instantly draws me into a meditative state – or lulls me to sleep – whichever I want! ~ Shireen Bawnlavery, 


Track length: 21 minutes

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