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More on Clarity

Clarity of the Heart
February 19, 2016
Being Enchanted with Life
February 21, 2016
Clarity of the Heart
February 19, 2016
Being Enchanted with Life
February 21, 2016



When I got the prompting to sit in meditation on this day, I was not anywhere near the field of clarity! I was wrestling with 2 different printer problems (I was told it was Mercury Retrograde), as well as a few other of other issues and a huge to-do list.

The meditation settled me down, and brought me some new awareness. Which is great! As a bonus, I was able to fix both my printer issues… not a typical happening in my world.

I know how important it is to listen when guidance comes in!

So I sat to receive more information on Clarity.


Talk to me more on clarity please.

Clarity is expansive. Come into the field with us. Find peace. Find your peace.

Be aware that your distractions from the field of clarity remove your awareness of it… but it is always there. Your mind simply gets in the way.

If you can be centered, allowing and opening, it will always show itself to you.

Sit in the energy of it. Like a drop of water rippling out in the still pond. That is what it is like for you.

Bring the essence of your drop into the field of the whole. Allow the field of clarity to take you into a state of Trust.

When you can Allow and Trust, you will open to greater and greater clarity. This is not simply the choice of the mind, but an opening of the Spirit.

Come to that place. Feel it permeate you. Opening your heart… your crown… your field of possibilities.

Know that you are well cared for, here in the field.






When I was finished, my energy field was very expansive, and my crown chakra was buzzing. I was in a much different space. And I was able to resolve my printer problems… a miracle in itself!

Bottom line here… You don’t have to be peaceful or even consciously in the field of clarity to access it!  You just need to allow it.  Perhaps this will help you during your day.

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