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On Target? More on Momentum…

Keeping Your Momentum
June 2, 2015
Life Support ~ 3rd Chakra Intensive
June 22, 2015
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On Target? More on Momentum…


How’s your momentum?  Sometimes things can look a little fuzzy in life.  We get confused.  We start to question ourselves, our choices, our path.

Even though we may be on target in the big picture of our Divine path, in the narrower vision of what is happening before us, it can feel like struggle.  We often assume we must be “off the mark.”  Doubt and fear start to creep in.

But the Universe has a rhythm, and ebb and flow.  You may desire to keep things the same, but your circumstances continue to change because change is constant.   Your thinking can become stagnant when you are unable to follow the flow.

People aren’t the only ones who do this—businesses, organizations, even graph-163549_640countries do it too.  We are taught to strive for growth, for increase, for more and more.  We are taught that bigger is better.  This mentality really isn’t sustainable, as you can see in the health of our environment and the systems we have created as foundations of our society.

We need only look at nature to be reminded that the tops of mountain peaks eventually slope downward, that the wave that reaches the shore withdraws back into the ocean, that the harvest of Fall moves into winter to reconstitute for the next growth period.

When you’ve hit a quiet time in your life that feels like you’re stuck, remember that this too shall pass.  Keep your goals in mind and be patient.  Keep your intentions clear and listen for guidance.

This quiet time does not mean you’ve gone astray.  Perhaps it’s building for a huge momentum that will cycle to your shortly.  Perhaps you are moving into a growth curve.

PathI always remember this line from Dan Millman’s book, The Life You Were Born to Live, “Wherever you go, your path appears beneath your feet. “   

Life will always give you the opportunity to step onto your authentic path.

If things are quiet for you in this moment—relax!  Enjoy yourself.  Be creative.  Play.  Enjoy your time here because an upswing of growth could be just around the corner.


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