If you enjoy the world of spirituality, intuition, energy work and want to empower yourself, let’s have some fun and create some amazing shifts!

You’ll be guided to explore your inner world, allow the release of limiting beliefs, discover your gifts, awaken your dreams, and step more fully into self expression. You’ll learn about energy and how simple shifts inside can transform your outer world.

Each month you will experience a minimum of:

  • a guided inner journey
  • the release of a limiting belief  
  • a focused Living Waters healing where your water will be structured for you

Most months also include an energetic alignment &/or a guest healer contribution.

All live events take place in Zoom or through Facebook Lives.  All replays are accessible in the membership library for as long as you are a member.

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Dive Deep, Rise Free: What’s Inside?

We’ll release a dozen limiting beliefs and install 12 (+3 bonus) new beliefs in their place. One belief at a time to give the body-mind-spirit time to fully integrate.  Each one has a tangible shift. Beliefs about unworthiness, blame, struggle, trust… just to name a few..

  • 16 Videos: Getting Started, and 12 core belief release & re-write sessions, plus 3 bonus sessions.
  • Proven Techniques: Incorporating energy psychology, energy healing, and shamanic release techniques.
  • 3-Part System: A meticulous process that extracts negative beliefs and infuses empowering ones.
  • Members Library: Lifetime access to all session recordings. Dive in anytime you wish.

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In this series of inner exploration, you will be able to:  

  • Discover your own inner sanctuary
  • Communicate with your guide(s)
  • Find clarity about your life path, experiences and relationships
  • Transform negative patterns or emotions
  • Deepen your spiritual connections
  • Strengthen your intuition
  • Start working with your subconscious
  • Understand your dreams
  • Receive guidance
  • Find inspiration and creativity

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The Energetic Intention Alignment includes a Living Waters Healing, and a 2 part energetic release process that helps you tune into the unconscious resistance and have a conscious experience its release.  

Bring pen and paper, an intention, and a glass of water to be energized.

In audio (mp3) and video (mp4) format.

Approximate run time: 40 min

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