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Is change in the air?

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September 15, 2018
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October 16, 2018



On September 22, we had 6 tornadoes land in our area, all the way up to a F3 category, which has a wind speed of 158-206 mph or 254-331 km/hr.  There was massive damage in a number of areas but thankfully our area only had to contend with power outages.


Tornado has typically been a

symbol for upheaval and dramatic change.


I’ve dreamt about tornadoes before.  A few years back, I dreamed everyone was trying to leave the city because of tornadoes in the area. It didn’t matter which direction I went, there were widespread traffic delays AND tornadoes visible in every direction.

I tried going straight down the highway; I tried the right, the left, even doubling back … and finally found a reclusive mountain road going up.  There I was given shelter by a helper who was waiting for me.


Sometimes there is just no avoiding change…


The good news is that I was in the driver’s seat and the choice was mine. We all have choice in life, even if  at times it may not feel like it. Sometimes you have to hang on to your hat, and just choose how you respond to the situation you find yourself in.

Choice is a pivotal place to stand in, one of power… You can empower yourself or dis-empower yourself, depending on the choices you make.  Remember, not making a choice is a choice too.

In my dream I was resilient and resourceful, finding ways to bypass the mainstream traffic jams, listening to my intuition, and finding a path upward that led to assistance and safety.  I woke up looking forward to the changes that I felt were coming in my life. Doesn’t mean they have all been easy, but it is how you respond that counts. It sets the tone and energy for what lies ahead.



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  1. Dominika says:

    Yes, we all have choices in our lives! And as you said your choice can give power, motivation or energy. Beautiful post! Hope that now the tornadoes are gone and the peace has come.

  2. Change is about the only thing guaranteed in life so knowing there’s a choice is always reassuring!

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