Money & You - Thought Change
Money & You

Stop carrying around your
money blocks!

How will you ever create healthy wealth?

Are you tired of...

    • Feeling heavy when your bills come in?
    • Focusing on not having enough?
    • Working hard and never getting ahead?
    • Feeling guilty when you buy something?
    • Beginning to doubt?

Limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions can be a BIG problem when you want to improve your level of abundance. If you’re trying to attract money—or any kind of abundance into your life, your old patterns may be in conflict with the new level of prosperity you want to create.

EVERYTHING is Energy. So when you change your inner world, your outer world changes too. That’s why I created the UPGRADE YOUR MONEY MOJO program.

It’s designed to shift your energy frequency around money from the past, present, and moving forward into the future.

High Frequency Energy can be used to:

  • Open your field to allow more prosperity & abundance
  • Discover your resourcefulness & creativity
  • Step into your stream of FLOW
  • Improve clarity & discernment
  • Transform your self respect, self love and self acceptance
  • Invite more happiness & harmony in your life
  • Spark inspiration, courage & motivation
  • Develop more self awareness
  • Strengthen your intuition & insight
  • Improve your manifesting ability

Join me and


Discover & Shift...

1. Your energetic reaction to MONEY.

How does your energy system react when you think about money?

When you spend money?

Pay your bills?

When you receive money?

Or give it away?

All of that goes into the vibration that you create and attract from.

Week 1 we’ll clear these ENERGETIC REACTIONS, including the Blockages &  Limitations created unconsciously through programming and past experience specifically focused on your reaction to money. You will feel the difference!

2. Your energetic reaction to what’s currently on your plate FINANCIALLY.

How do you feel about your current financial situation?

Your income?

Your expenses?

Your debt load? 

ALL of that goes in your energy frequency and affects your magnetic of attraction & creation.

Week 2 we’ll clear negative emotions like worry, doubt or resentment .

3. How far away are you from your FINANCIAL GOALS?

Where do you want to be financially?

How does that compare to where you are now?

Are you on track?

Week 3, create a goal and we will energetically reduce the gap of where you are now to where you want to be by releasing the unconscious resistance.

Isn't it time to upgrade your money mojo?

I truly enjoyed and appreciated the workshops! Thank you, Linda, for sharing your knowledge and guidance. I found your instructions, as you guided us through the practices, very clear, helpful and patient. The knowledge and practices you shared were very powerful – after each workshop, I experienced a lot of clearing. I also had insights into some of my challenges/issues. And a sense that overall, my process of awakening had intensified as a result of taking the course. You’re a very gifted teacher, Linda. I appreciate so much your passing on to us the profound wisdom of your teachings. Many thanks!
I found myself working on things that were so unconnected to money but then were. I found that I could be punctual, on time better after the second session – to which I was late as I believed that time is money. I find I have time and money, not to mention a feeling of confidence going forward. Priceless!

No homework.

No journaling.

No fluff.

Only high vibe energy healing & mind shifting
for tangible transformation

and a ton of personal awareness