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Green Man: Merging Spirituality & Environment

The Nature of Viral Energy
April 18, 2021
Spirituality: Teaching the Children
May 1, 2021
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Green Man: Merging Spirituality & Environment

Can you heal the planet without healing yourself? In 2020, Earth Day turned 50!  In this episode: Tips to deepen your connection to nature; The role of meditation and mindfulness; Humans evolving to be stewards of the earth and the other species that live here. In this episode: Bringing spirituality into your interactions with the environment; Studying with a Master or Guru; The expansion of consciousness; The emotional connection between spiritual life and environmental work; Cyclical nature of life and spiritual growth; Giving and Receiving; Finding strength in times of crisis.

Meet Jerry Yudelson, Earth Day co-founder and author of THE GODFATHER OF GREEN: AN ECO-SPIRITUAL MEMOIR.
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