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Everything is Energy

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April 5, 2023
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From a spiritual and metaphysical perspective, everything in the universe is energy. Whether it’s a physical object, a thought, or an emotion, everything is made up of energy that vibrates at a specific frequency. This concept is the foundation of many spiritual practices and beliefs, including manifestation.

In essence, manifestation is the process of bringing our desires into reality by aligning our energy with the energy of what we want. This can be accomplished by focusing our thoughts and feelings on our desired outcome, visualizing it as if it has already happened, and taking inspired action towards it.

The law of attraction is based on the idea that “like attracts like.” If we want to attract positive experiences and things into our lives, we must first raise our vibration to match the energy of what we desire. This means letting go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions that block our progress and focusing on positivity, gratitude, and love.

When we understand that everything is energy, we can begin to consciously create the reality we want. We can choose to focus our thoughts and emotions on what we want to attract, rather than what we fear or don’t want, or even the way things appear in our limited perspective. By doing so, we are essentially sending out a signal to the universe that we are ready to receive our desires, and the universe responds by bringing them into our reality.

It’s important to remember that manifestation is not about simply thinking positively and waiting for things to happen!! A key part of manifestation is to take inspired action towards our goals, trusting that the universe will guide us towards the right opportunities and resources.

The concept that everything is energy is fundamental in the worlds of spirituality, metaphysics, and manifestation, and backed up by quantum physics. When we understand and apply this principle in our lives, we can create the reality we want by aligning our energy with the energy of what we desire. By raising our vibration and taking inspired action, we can manifest our dreams into reality and live a fulfilling life.


Everything is Energy!

I am honoured to be part of a magical collaboration with healer and spiritual teacher, Miche Meizner and Veronica Torres, who channels Eloheim.

Step into the world of energy and metaphysics to inspire your spiritual journey with the Everything is Energy app. There are lots of goodies held within it and more to be added. You can download the app from the Apple or Google Stores – search for Everything is Energy (https://everythingisenergy.passion.io)

Remember, YOU are pure energy.
Learn to tap into your innate divine nature.
Self-love is your greatest superpower.

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