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We had a fantastic workshop last weekend!

Thanks to all who joined me for


Life Support


When you walk your path in life, it takes courage and confidence.  After all, you want to share your authentic self with the world.

LIFE SUPPORT is an intensive, experiential 3rd Chakra healing workshop designed to clear and strengthen your solar plexus so you will feel more empowered and more aligned with who you really are.


During this workshop, we will: 


  • Learn the importance of the Solar Plexus and how issues here can drastically affect your life
  • Experience deep, energetic releases of unresolved emotions, thoughts & beliefs
  • Clear and open the Solar Plexus
  • Unplug from patterns and Self Sabotage
  • Take a guided Inner Journey for more insight and healing
  • Experience the powerful Archangel Chakra Invocation alignment process to noticeably recalibrate your energy to a higher vibration



Date:  November 11, 2018

Location:  Brockville, ON

Time:  10 am to 4:00 pm (apr)

Cost:  $130


REGISTER by emailing

Small group format to provide for maximum healing.  Space is very LIMITED!


I hope you can JOIN us for this amazing workshop!!

You will be surprised at what you learn
and how different you feel at the end!


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I didn’t know what to expect from this workshop.  I had been doing clearing & self examination on my own but found being guided through a visualization extraordinarily helpful to releases further issues, false beliefs, interpretations & generalizations.  To me, this is how the (inner) physician heals their Self.  The chakra meditation took me off to another dimension.  I really enjoyed the day’s entire process.  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK WE CAN DO!! — Doug Henderson

Every moment was a blessing.  Such a powerful workshop!  I’ve been feeling good since the workshop … thank you! One thing I’ve noticed is the tension is out of my neck … ever since my ‘alignment’ during the workshop 🙂 Can’t believe how three of my vertebra slipped back into place. – SM

Thank you so much for the gift of this work. The Invocation was amazing. It left me feeling fully aligned with the clearing work from the morning, and ready to face my future with new hope and renewed vigor. I feel that I have stepped into my power.   Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. – MH

I really enjoyed the day. I definitely am feeling a shift, my vibration is different and my body is also releasing today. And even in the face of confrontation (something that happened today), I am holding myself with confidence. Thanks – so grateful for your grace. – NV

The immediate effect of your workshop was that I felt more energized, which snapped me out of an apathy that was starting to set in.  And I think it is getting easier to speak my mind.  – LM

I want to thank Linda for a mind blowing workshop yesterday. I am still in the clouds from the wonderful experience. – AC

I’ve just experienced the Life Support workshop hosted by Linda Lang.  As with all her other Chakra workshops I’ve attended, it was a wonderful day full of discovery and personal experiencing as she guided us through different emotional clearing processes in the morning and then offering a guided journey in the afternoon.  When I left the workshop I was feeling energized.  Early in the evening I became very tired which I’m told is part of the integration progress.  The next day I felt energized once again and continue to feel great.  I can’t emphasize enough the effectiveness of these chakra workshops. – CC


You will experience wonderful healing, insights & vibrational shifts!






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