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Claiming the Power of your Feminine Embodiment

A Weekend Retreat with Susanna McCan

May 25 & 26th – Carp Ridger EcoWellness Centre

2386 Thomas Dolan Parkway, Carp


Enjoy a profound, transformational weekend retreat in a community of like-hearted women as we explore how awakening and embodying our Divine
Feminine energies can both enrich our own lives and help guide the cultural changes embedded within societal views and cultures around the world.  
          • Enjoy a very rare opportunity to dive deep into your own Divine Feminine essence
          • Receive guidance from Susanna McCan,  a truly gifted, insightful, and respectful facilitator from Iowa with years of experience to share
          • Gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the “Inner Marriage” between your own masculine and feminine energies
          • Enrich your relationship with your Divine Feminine to support feminine health and vibrancy
          • Learn holistic self-healing practices for the female organs that release emotional residues from difficult sexual or relationship experiences
          • Create more balanced harmonious relationships with existing partners and attract the same with new partners for those open to doing so
          • Come out with a stronger internal foundation for standing in your power and confidence as a woman
          • Gain a clearer compass for navigating your ongoing growth as a woman
          • Nurture yourself with the beautiful, natural surroundings and delicious, healthy meals  
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