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Emotional Baggage

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August 15, 2013
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August 16, 2013
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Emotional Baggage


Emotion is often described as energy in motion (e-motion).  What happens when we do not fully process our emotions? The motion stops!  They become stuck.


Sometimes we believe we have dealt with the emotional issues that have affected us, but often there is some residue that remains. Many times Embarrassed Emoticon I  have heard from my clients, “but I thought I had dealt with that!” when some issue comes up for a deeper clearing.


Sometimes we consciously bury our emotions because they are too uncomfortable or too painful. But ignoring them does not make them go away. Just because we are not experiencing them in the moment does not mean that they have no influence in our lives. In fact, these buried emotions have a significant impact on our energy systems.  They can affect our physical body and our health, our thinking processes and our beliefs, and our ability to live happy and fulfilling lives.


Sometimes we hold on to these difficult emotions for protection. Perhaps you have had some relationship heartaches and you don’t want to experience that kind of pain ever again.  Your subconscious might try to protect you by holding those painful emotions around your heart, creating a heart wall. This is a wall of energy like a shield, only made up of unresolved emotional pain. We think we are protecting ourselves, but in truth we are carrying a great burden that prevents us from expressing and receiving love to the fullest extent. It can even create obstacles that disconnect us with our own spirit.


Once I received a message in a dream for a coworker who had lost a very close friend.  This friend was in his 20’s when he had died from a chronic illness. His message was that he had lived a full life with no regrets, that he had done what he needed to do and it was time for him to go. He asked me to tell my coworker to keep his heart open – because that is where the greatest joys in life are found.  That is very difficult to do if you have a wall built around your heart!


It can take an incredible amount of energy to hold on to these stagnant emotions.  This is valuable life force energy that you could be using in a Stressed Emoticon much healthier and beneficial way.  If you find yourself over-reacting to something happening in your life, you could very well be hanging on to some old emotions that have not been fully processed.  Your current experience may have triggered that part of you that is holding these emotions, and then you react from that previous place of pain or trauma.


One of the techniques I use is the Emotion Code, a very effective and painless way to release stagnant emotions.  Once we determine which emotion is causing or contributing to the issue at hand (or that helps to build the heart wall), we then determine from the body’s intelligence whether we need to dig deeper and find more information.  Sometimes we need to know the age when the emotion became trapped or where it is located in the body.  Sometimes the emotion has inherited and we need to find the genealogical link; when this happens we clear the emotion right back to the originating ancestor.  Emotions trapped inutero were often intense emotions experienced by our mother, but they can be from our father or other close association at that time. ‘Preconception’ emotions come with us into this life, and might be considered karmic or associated with past lives.  We can even pick up strong emotions from those around us!


Understanding the language of emotions is a powerful tool.  Different emotions carry different frequencies. If you are kinesthetic, you can simply ask your body to show you what joy feels like… what anger feels like.  Your body will show you.  Vibrationally, there is a big difference!  Abraham-Hicks has an emotional guidance scale that teaches you how to use your emotions for guidance.  Emotions are meant to be felt and listened too. In the moment, when you are experiencing intense emotions, the best thing you can do is to breathe deeply. Our diaphragm, when used properly, actually processes emotional energy.  Too many people hold their breath or breathe shallow when they are under stress.


Time and time again I am directed to use the Emotion Code to help release physical or emotional pain, even relationship or money issues. It is incredible how this stagnant energy can affect us in a myriad of ways.  This technique amazingly works equally as well in person, over the phone or using a surrogate.

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