Elvis from the Other Side

Elvis from the Other Side

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When Your Soul Wakes You Up
December 12, 2021
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January 5, 2022

What would you ask Elvis if you had the opportunity to talk to him? My guest is UK trance medium Sue Chard. Sue shares what it’s like to be a trance channel, how her path unfolded, and what it’s like to work with Elvis Presley.

Elvis comes in to share his perspective of his human life, what the spirit world is like, and what message and guidance he’d like everyone to know.

You can watch the video episode below or read the transcript. Enjoy!

Linda: Hi this is Linda Lang from www.ThoughtChange.com. We are here Exploring the Mystical Side of Life again today and we are going to have some fun. If you enjoy our conversations, please make sure you subscribe, follow the channel, share it with your friends.

Today I have Sue Chard here with me. Sue is a trance channel, and I have goosebumps even as I say that, and she channels the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. Welcome, Sue.

Sue: Thank you very much.

L: How does a person become a trance channeler? Like how did that happen for you?

Sue:  I was going into trance before I knew what trance was. It was only after starting to sit in a development circle, talking to a lady who’s been in spiritualism and mediumship a lot longer than myself, and she identified it for me.  And she said, “I think you’re going into trance,” and she invited me along to her house to sit for her and see what happened.

And the very first time there, I was really nervous, you can imagine. And I went to terms and lovely Native American Indians were there and talking to her. That was a great experience you see, but I was doing anyway. I didn’t know, I didn’t know it.

See, once I stepped on my spiritual path, lots of things just happened. I mean that was a long time ago. Many people have spoken through me through trance; a lot of them are musicians as it happens. Also people like Merlin; you know Merlin, the great magician, and wizard… but you know, as far as “the one”—the main one which is the lovely Elvis, he surprised me.

So it was 2006, I remember it very clearly. I’ve always been an Elvis fan. I’ve always, always loved Elvis. I’ve got older brothers and sisters always playing his records. And I was doing some ironing—I hate doing the ironing—I was playing a cd, as I normally do to take my mind off of it.

So I was just there ironing and listening and then I realized I could see Elvis, in those white sort of typical Vegas white jumpsuit, and he’s just smiling at me. And I thought, “Wow, this is some fantasy.” And I was just enjoying the fantasy. Then he come up real close and he said to me, “What would you like to see me in?”  And I went, “Oh, black leathers of course!” 

And so, it’s as if he walked past me, so behind me, you know then he said, “What do you think of this?”  And I turned around and looked, and there he is in the black leathers, and he was just looking back at me.  I could see his back and he’s just sort of got his head just like that, looking at me, very teasing; he’s a tease.  And he said, “Do you like this?” and then he disappeared.

Three weeks later, my name had been on a waiting list to go be a guest at a trance circle.  I went along there and sat in the darkened room there with everyone else and I think the first person that came into the trance meeting was Jack Kennedy, who was talking. And then as he was sort of stepping back, you could see somebody else has come in, and the lips started to curl up and I thought, “Uh, could it be?”

And it was. It was Elvis.  And you know, he was there and talking, and then he turned to me and he said, “We’ve spoken before, aren’t we?”

And I said, “Huh, was that for real?” 

“Sure was,” he said.

“No, you wouldn’t speak to me.”

“Why not?” he said.

“But you’re Elvis Presley.”

And he said, “Don’t put me on a pedestal. Don’t put me on a pedestal.”

I was just completely taken back by that, but it was him just proving to me that that was real.

And there are some really funny stories Linda, I could tell you with Elvis, where he’s kind of almost got me into trouble but not quite.  He’s pushed the boundaries a bit. And I can hear him in my voice and he knows what he’s doing; he’s trying to break down the boundaries.

Linda: When I was talking to Sue before we hit record, Elvis actually just came in and took over the conversation and could see that I was hoping he would step back a little bit so I would actually have the opportunity to talk a little bit with Sue about what it’s like for her because I would really like to know. What is it like for you when Elvis or anyone else comes in? Are you consciously aware that they’re there and you know what they’re saying? Or do you go somewhere else and they just completely take over?

Sue: It varies and they are very much in control. But often I’m aware of what is being said at the time but when I come back, I’ve forgotten it. But of course, if I completely switched off, then no, I don’t. I don’t recall. It’s like a part of my life that I can’t remember. It is amazing and you know, to do trance anyway, it’s amazing. It’s the perfect evidence in many ways. You know, when I was doing the trance sittings, it was recorded, most of the people that had a sitting were so pleased because of the evidence that was there that proved to them it was their loved one… which is wonderful but Elvis, after he passed over, he said that when he saw sort of from the spirit side of life, when he could see what he was about, he was just focusing on me and he had a long, he had a long wait until I stepped on my spiritual path. 

I know that I’ve come to trust him completely, like you do, you know, with all your guides. You just trust them you know entirely.

Linda:  How long have you been channeling Elvis?

Sue: It started not long after the fantasy, when I was ironing in 2006; he would just pop up now and then. And he is very naughty sometimes, I tell you but you know, he’s just being the Elvis that he was. You know, that’s what Spirit does, you know, for you to totally believe that this is them. They’ve got to give the evidence, “This is how I was there.” He’s so funny. Such laughter. Raucous. I’ve seen women blush. There’s one of my friends, he kissed the back of her hand and when I opened my eyes, she was just blushing. It’s so funny. It’s so funny, isn’t it?

So those who know me well, you know, they’re used to him talking. But he does talk sensibly sometimes.

Linda:  That’s really interesting Sue because I think there’s a lot of confusion about what happens when you cross over. If you keep your personality or a greater perspective so maybe you understand things more spiritually?

Sue: With each life we have, we have a spirit. Yeah, so we have a human body and we have the spirit. And the spirit is of the consciousness, the mind. When the human body dies, the brain dies with it but the mind, the consciousness, doesn’t. And the expression I’ve been taught to use is that the whole of that life is held as a memory, almost in a memory chip. Imagine the whole life, everything in that life, is held in like a memory chip.

And the spirit has that same characteristics, or if they can go into the memory of that life and they can bring themselves out. They bring photos of themselves, and they show us mediums photos of themselves.  Because they don’t look like that anymore. Because they’re just beautiful vibrating, energy and light and colour, aren’t they? So they show us photos of what they did look like, so we can see them, describe them. And you know, I feel with the voice it’s a bit different, they seem to be able to transfer the voice into us, you know, even though they’re not with voice boxes there, you see.

So I just think it’s just amazing; it’s clever what spirit is able to do. So within the memory of that whole life is what they bring to us when they want to, when they need to prove it’s them. That’s exactly what we need from Spirit, isn’t it? Is the is the evidence of who they were, and they bring that to us by retrieving, just plucking pieces out, things out of their memory of that life.

So our mind, our consciousness, does not die; it lives forever. So that’s how our spirit has put it to me. Now even though I work so much with Elvis, and he seems to be the main guy and everything, I work with Archangel Michael. He’s taught me so much, and he has taught me many of these things to understand, you know what it is.  If we actually seen them as a spirit, we wouldn’t recognize them. They just show themselves as they were because it’s in that memory within their consciousness.

Linda:  And I would imagine that not all spirits or crossed-over loved ones are as anxious to talk to humans as say Elvis is. I’ve had a number of medium readings and you know, some relatives are always there and some of them never come. Or the medium will actually try to bring them through and they’re like, “Nope, they don’t want to come.”

Sue:  Yeah, yeah, totally. It does of course depend on the medium. You know, their energy and where they’re at within their selves. It depends on the recipient. The other thing it does depend – the spirit world gives us what we need, not necessarily what we want.

And I know I’ve done readings, and there’s one friend I’ve done a reading for and in it, it just wasn’t working with the family because Spirit wanted to talk to her about her spiritual pathway. So I’ve learned I mustn’t try and control, and try and humanize anything to do with Spirit because they’re the ones in the greater world that know so much more than I do, you know, and go with what they say there.

Linda:  And you make a really good point… I’ve never considered before that the medium also plays a part in — it’s like a little triad going here: the person getting the message, the person giving the message, and the person that the message is coming through… and they all need to be of that right vibration in order for it to actually manifest.

Sue: That’s absolutely correct.  And I say to people, if the people come quite nervous, “So just try and relax, nothing to worry about you know.” And that often works but you do get the odd ones that they’ve come fixated and they know what they want to come through and if they’re not hearing that, then it’s no good. Yeah, it takes all sorts but it absolutely does depend on the voice and the energy, the recipient. So it’s not just me. If you send your energy out, it’s not just helping me, it’s helping your loved ones who’s trying to work with me to give you a message.

Linda:  And you made such a beautiful point earlier when you talked about how we have a tendency to humanize all these spiritual concepts and spiritual wisdom. The spirit world even, in general, right? We know such a tiny fraction of what actually is and yet we project what we think on it

Sue: Yeah, that’s right. I totally agree and I hear it often, people saying things. I often think, “I think you just humanize.” You know, people humanize their pets, don’t they? But they humanized Spirit. I have even hear people say that there is a greater intelligence, which they are. You know, they know so much (more) than us.  And then, in the next breath, they’re saying yes but you can’t do this… you can’t do that. Why can’t you just trust in Spirit? They don’t want to get us into trouble.  All that they want today is to work with us to help humans, don’t they? That’s basically what they’re doing.

And you know, when there’s so many rules and regulations that go in there, in some of the big establishments.  And in my mind, they’ve got it wrong in a few places. I think they need to walk it – walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  But you know, it’s humans, they humanize everything. It’s the wrong way around, isn’t it? It’s as if humans are the main thing, and they certainly are not, are they?

Linda: Sue and I recorded Elvis twice and the following is the best audio of both of them.

Elvis (through Sue): Hi there Linda. You’re giving me the, you’re giving me a thumbs up now then. I can come forward; I can speak for myself. And you know, there’s just something about my girl, my girl’s voice, that when my girl’s talking with the intention of working, I just come in on her, on her voice. It is hard to explain to anyone in the human form. It’s hard to explain to them because they may not understand, you know some of the things I might use there to try to explain the situation here as it is there…

But you know, I guess just saying that I come in on her voice and when she’s talking, and I love what she’s already told you is absolutely, absolutely true and correct.  You know that we have a lot of fun.  You know, we work and we have a lot of fun too, and it’s such a pleasure and to have a voice as Elvis, as Elvis Presley.   You know, I sure did like the sound of my own voice there whenever I was singing, or <inaudible>

And you know, I just, I’m the same here; I like to hear my voice with her singing or talking, and I do enjoy conversing with other people.  And that sure does give me great pleasure to do that. You know, I like socializing; I really do love to socialize.

Linda: Elvis are you willing to answer some questions for us?

Elvis: You know, I’ll do my very best for you. I do my very best.

Linda: Thank you Elvis. So my first question is when you’re on the other side, when you’re in the spirit world, are you Elvis? Or are you your soul, and only aware of the life you lived as Elvis?

Elvis: Well yeah, that’s a, that sure is a good question, Linda.  And, I gotta try and find the words so I can try and explain the situation there. You know, Elvis as being part of the soul there, but you know there are other lives that I’ve had but where I wasn’t Elvis, I was somebody else there in the Oversoul, part of the soul,  part of my soul there.

You know, so I guess the answer really to your question there is that I take on the Elvis when I when I need to.  You understand that?  When I need to; I’ll try to find better words to use here for you to understand this better.  And I  don’t spend, as an aspect of my soul over there – there are many aspects of that soul there – I don’t just sort of fly around or float around in a white jumpsuit, you know, I don’t do that. But that I exist a lot in the memory of that life.

Linda: How do you fill your time on the other side, if there is such a thing as time on the other side?

Elvis: You know there Linda, there is no such thing as time, you know. In the vibration that… there really exists in <inaudible> while we lived there, there is no such thing.  If I were to say <inaudible> is a little bit ambiguous here. But if I were to say everything has its’ time, it’s done in its’ time. You know, there is no time.

Seeing is believing, I always say that here, seeing is believing.  And you know that everything is happening at the same time… there’s that word there again see… And you know, I can move around as many others can move around within the energy that we exist in.  You know that I can be in any part of your world at any time I wish, at any time I wish.

I’m not the only one you know; I’m not a special case here. I’m not the only one, it’s just the way it is there are you know within, I call it the spirit world because you’ll understand what I mean then. Anybody can be where we want to be in the world, you know and who we want to be too, you know. So it’s all done by our thought process there, and do we have a plan? We sure do have a plan.

Linda:  Did you fulfill the plan of your life while you were here on earth as Elvis?

Elvis: The answer to that has to be no.

Linda: There was more that you, your soul had desired to experience?

Elvis:  Yeah, sure, sure. You know there’s a lot of looking back in my life, and I’ve been there many times and I always, I always hit an emotional button there when I do cast my mind into the life of Elvis. There are definitely areas there that I could have handled so much better.

You know there’s… everybody’s life has some good and some wasn’t good… and you know, and temptations too. And there sure were many temptations in my life as Elvis.  You know, I‘ve had other lives are so much simpler where there wasn’t any temptations, where there wasn’t Elvis Presley.

And I missed opportunities where friends tried to help me to sort myself out there. There just became a point there I didn’t know how to sort myself out.  And then I reached the point where I didn’t want to sort myself out. Would I do things differently if I were able to come back as Elvis Presley and be in that life again?

And I sure would do a few things differently. There’s a lot of regrets there in that life, I have to say that, there’s a lot of regrets there. And there’s people I hurt. You know, the more famous I became, the more horrible person I became, and I got lost. I got lost with it all. There sure things I would do different about.

You know I’d like to say to others that I caused disharmony to, to those I caused hurt and upset there you know. I’m truly sorry rather. But of course, many of those are you know on this side of life here, and I, you know I’ve paid my dues, and shared my regrets and my sorrow you know for the way I behaved there.

Linda: So Elvis, what I’m hearing is that for each of us that we do have a plan and we also have free will that can change our life experience.

Elvis:  Sure, sure.  That’s it exactly. You know, there are different ideas, different beliefs about, you know, the human life. Some people think it’s set in concrete, which it is not. And you mentioned the free will there, and you know, that’s the one that trips you up. And you just add money and fame to that… and the momentum, the momentum.

You know, in anyone’s life as a human, in the earth vibration, it’s about, really it’s about staying in the light and the love.  That’s what it’s about really, for all the temptations there in your life is to overcome them and to not let them lead you astray you know. And then so getting your fulfillment in the ways you shouldn’t be getting your fulfillments. And it’s a slippery slope. If you don’t realize soon enough and actually act on it there, then you just slide in down that slippery slope.

Linda: Do you still make music in the spirit world?

Elvis: Yep, sure do. You know, there’s many a musician in the spirit world. Many a musician, you know. It’s a pleasure.  You know, the spirit world is music. There is music everywhere.  You know, you have to bare mind that each one of us within our own consciousness are… if we choose music, we get music. You know. It’s just a reminder the mind is so powerful; the consciousness is so powerful.

And, as you know there Linda, there’s god. The physical body doesn’t exist in the spirit world, that’s what dies there, and it’s just the spirit there is free, and to reconnect with the soul. You know, the consciousness is so powerful, even more power than… within the spirit world than it is within the human and within the earth energy…

You know, I have to add here that some humans have more powerful consciousness than others, depending on their lifestyle and what they believe in, and how they develop their minds. You know, because minds are powerful; thoughts are powerful.  And out in the spirit world, there the thought is everything. I’ll just try to explain this a little bit more there… 

You know, like myself and many other musicians that are in a spirit world, we get together. We have the common thread of music within our soul energy.  And, you know, I if I said we get together, that we hang out and we make music just like in the days when we were yeah on the earth – maybe not together there – and this is what we do in the spirit world. So there’s many a musician you know; they get a very warm welcome. And you know, “Come and join the band.”

Well the other thing from the spirit world, they inspire a human in the earth energy. They might inspire them with writing, lyrics, writing music and singing. You know, we know who has got the ability, who’s a good instrument there to channel the music.

Linda:  So Elvis, it’s almost time for us to wrap up. Is there any message that you would really like to leave us all with today?

Elvis:  Oh there sure is, there sure is.  Tithe life you’re living right now, you only got it once. Don’t mess up. Don’t mess up like I did.  Fame and fortune, it’s a killer. It’s a killer. You know, you got to be careful, and keep your balance in your mind and in all the aspects of your life. Keep the balance there; don’t let anything take over. Don’t be selfish. And always, always keep your thoughts and actions in the lights, in the positive, in the light. 

You know, in everyone’s life, there’s light and there’s dark. And the dark is there to experience but then you get right back into the light there. And just take a look at yourself every now and then, and just say to yourself, “Am I getting this right here? Am I getting this wrong here?” And if you’re getting it wrong, do something about it. Don’t be afraid to say, “I got it wrong. I need to restart.”

Linda: Good message; thank you Elvis. Can we have Sue back? … Hi Sue.

Sue: Hi Linda, I’m back.

Sue: Do you remember where you went?

Sue: No.

Linda: Not at all.

Sue: He steps in front of me and I’m behind him.

Linda: Well it’s just about time for us to wrap up. Is there any message you’d like to leave the listeners with, Sue?

Sue: The spirit world – those in the spirit world, whoever they are, the famous and the not famous, and all the angels, they’re all REAL. And I would say to those who are struggling with believing in the spirit world, and the spirits and the light and the love, and the awesome power—it’s REAL.

And I encourage everybody to find out more about it, you know to find your spiritual pathway.

Linda: So, thank you Sue for joining me today and bringing Elvis for our listeners. And thank you for listening to this week’s edition of Exploring the Mystical Side of Life. You will find all of our episodes on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio. Come and visit me at www.ThoughtChange.com. Pick up your copy of Learning to Listen and start developing your own intuitive muscles, your own spiritual path. That’s it for this week. We’ll see you again next time. Bye for now.

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