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Does the Universe have the Perfect Plan for You?

The Agreement: Humanity’s Transformation
November 28, 2020
Does Your Soul have a Divine Blueprint?
December 14, 2020
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Does the Universe have the Perfect Plan for You?

Is there Divine intelligence that orchestrates Life and has a perfect plan for all of us? I had a delightful conversation with Judi Miller, author of Perfect: A Path to Love, Forgiveness and Transformation, where she gave us a glimpse of the intricate workings of the Universe and how everything is perfectly organized for our highest good.

In this episode: Exploring your past lives and connections; Balancing karma; Healing through awareness; Mystical experiences as a source of divine guidance and wisdom; Love as the nature of the Universe; Messages received from Higher Consciousness. Past life regression healing; Ancestral healing and its effects through the generation line; Releasing emotion from the body; How to prevent emotions from becoming trapped in the body; Two emotions of Fear and Love — which do you choose? The butterfly effect; Unconditional love and acceptance; Forgiveness as the release of the stories that hold pain; Life as an interconnected puzzle.

Read the transcript below, listen to the episode at the player at the bottom of the page, or watch on YouTube here.


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