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Dissolving Fear with Huna

Time to Hit the Refresh Button
May 28, 2016
transition of energy in meditation
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June 20, 2016
Time to Hit the Refresh Button
May 28, 2016
transition of energy in meditation
A Message On Transition…
June 20, 2016
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Dissolving Fear with Huna

On my first trip to Hawaii to study Huna, I had a powerful experience that opened my eyes to the possibilities of quick and profound transformation using Huna.

Here we were, almost finished our level 1 course, and my friend and I decided to book a ‘Snorkel and Swim with the Dolphin’ tour the day after our course finished.  I had never snorkeled before, and decided I’d better learn how before our excursion, so I rented a mask & snorkel and waded out into the bay.

Now I’m not much of a swimmer; without question I’m a beach person.  I hardly ever put my head underwater cutesnorkeler-15826_640because I don’t like getting water in my eyes.  I’m not afraid to put my head in the water but I’ll close my eyes and pinch my nose.  I can swim a bit but I don’t go in deep water. What was I thinking?

I thought I’d better have some level of competency out there in the ocean, so I needed some practice. I walked out into the bay, put on my mask and tried to put my head under water. That was the goal anyways.

Consciously I was looking forward to seeing the world underneath the water without having to be bothered with having water in my eyes.  My unconscious had something had other ideas!

As I leaned down just above the water’s surface, ready to put my head under, absolute terror swelled up.

It felt like I wouldn’t be able to breathe, I just couldn’t do it. I was terrified to have my eyes open underwater. I could put my head under if my eyes were clamped shut, but not with them open — even with the mask on. I tried and I tried but I couldn’t put my head in the water and keep my eyes open. I panicked as soon as I got close to the surface. And my face wasn’t even in the water yet!  Where did all this fear come from?

And then I would stand up, the water only about 3 feet deep, and I was completely calm and peaceful, wondering what the heck was going on…  Over and over again I would be calm, cool and collected if I was standing upright, but the second my face got close to the water, this unconscious fear took over.  And each time, it would completely disappear as soon as I stood up. What was this all about? Where did this fear come from?  How could I have this much terror inside me and not even know it?

I had some serious work to do before my dolphin adventure! The unconscious fear of NOT being able to breathe was intense.

I kept at it and at it… and after about half an hour, I could finally put my head underwater momentarily.  After a bit more persistence, I could  swim for a few minutes, but ONLY if I put my hand on the snorkel so my lower self knew I would be able to breathe. And not in an water that was more than 4 feet deep.

By the end of my first experience, I had mastered swimming with one hand on my breathing apparatus while gliding over the reef, but not having the courage to go out into the deeper water. This was NOT going to be sufficient for my excursion the following day!!

I headed off to the final Huna class, and went to speak with one of the assistants declaring that I needed some help!  I thought I needed someone trained as a Master Practitioner of NLP because of the phobia releasing technique they incorporate.  The assistant simply said, “Why don’t you use Huna?”

I responded that, “I didn’t know I could.”

He had me close my eyes and fully get in touch with my fear, which was really easy for me to do.  He did his Huna “thing” and in less than 2 minutes, it was gone.

Some doubt creeped in.  I started to think, “Yeah but… I’m standing in a room with my feet on the floor. I’m not out in the ocean right now.” 

I was told that should do coralthe trick, and if I needed to I could come see him again. I wasn’t too sure when I’d have the opportunity to see him again because this was the last day of the course and our excursion was early next morning.

The next day, I went out in the boat and decided a life jacket was probably in order. Without any hesitation, I jumped into the water and I could put my face under without any emotion welling up. I didn’t need to hold onto the snorkel, and I could stick my head in the water and look down far below me to the ocean floor… 150 feet below me.  No fear. No panic. No intense emotions at all.

Very interesting…

It was here I understood the power of Huna.  Not to say that my swim in the ocean was perfect. My mask didn’t seal well and kept filling with water. I had to constantly stop… in the middle of the ocean… to flip the water out and put my mask on again.

Not being a strong swimmer and petite, I got tossed around in the waves a lot.

I normally wear glasses and my mask was not quite the right strength, so my vision was as clear as normal.  Sometimes I didn’t know where my group was.  But I didn’t care.

At no time did I feel any fear whatsoever. I struggled a bit with my equipment, but mostly I swam around in total amazement that I could be out in the ocean, head in water, eyes open… and doing this without fear.

I didn’t even care about swimming or not swimming with the dolphins.  I did something far more valuable. I faced and overcame a deep unconscious fear and received an understanding about what is possible with Huna magik.

I am happy to say that I have carried on in my studies of Huna, and use its wisdom and techniques daily in my life.

Huna has greatly enriched my skills as a healer!  I have worked with many people who have deep seated fears.  In each case, I have been able to completely alleviate or greatly reduce their anxiety. Huna is simply amazing!

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