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Confidence Speaking

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January 19, 2023
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March 2, 2023

They say that fear of public speaking is one of the greatest fears people have, even more than heights or spiders.

It’s easy to understand why… speaking in front of people can be extremely intimidating. It can make us feel vulnerable, and if we don’t feel confident in our ability to communicate effectively, we can feel misunderstood or even rejection.

This fear can be so extreme that it’s debilitating. Even milder cases can have a negative impact on our lives, making it difficult to take part in activities that require us to speak in front of others in both work and personal settings.

As an introvert (yes, you read that right), public speaking and being the center of attention is not high on my list of favourite things. But, if you can’t or aren’t willing to communicate your ideas, wisdom and inspiration, how can you get your message across?

Many times I sat quietly and listened in groups, not sharing the insights I was picking up. Over the years, I would force myself to speak when I felt compelled to share those insights.

Why did I start a podcast, you wonder? That’s a whole other story… But that podcast has helped me to be more comfortable in certain circumstances.

Months ago, I decided I wanted to expand that comfort zone. I put on my hypnotherapist hat and wrote myself a script, recorded it and listened for 21 days straight. I found it make a huge difference for me in the areas I wanted it to…

and even more surprising to me, I noticed a difference in how I showed up to my podcast recordings. I was more comfortable, more naturally myself, with more ease communicating. Even just speaking one-to-one!

Confidence SpeakingToo good not to share so I’ve put the recording in my store. If you’d like to perk up your speaking abilities (or your confidence) personally or professionally, you’ll find my CONFIDENCE SPEAKING audio here. (It’s on sale for the month of February.)

Not having done any podcast recordings since October, I’ve started listening again because I’m back to interviewing (and being interviewed.) There are so many positive suggestions along with deep relaxation, what’s not to love?

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