As one year ends and a new one begins,

I like to reflect on the happenings and experiences of my life…

Clean up any loose ends,

and step forward in the new year with a healthy mindset and  empowered intention.


It’s been a(nother) year of change…

chaotic at times for many,

on a personal level, in nature, politics and society.


The start of a new year is

a great time to

clear up any residual emotion & energy

and start clean.




I’d like to invite you to

Clean Slate



Join me for 3 powerful healing and alignment processes.

You’ll experience…



1. The Shamanic version of Ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian Forgiveness process.

We will go through all your major relationships, past and present, allowing you to release emotions, beliefs, patterns or other attachments. 

The beauty of Ho’oponopono is that even if you don’t feel you have anything you need to forgive,

doing the process will still benefit the relationship and help you heal your own inner perceptions.

Linda is a 4th level Huna initiate trained on the Big Island of Hawaii from a lineage that goes back 28 generations.


2. Clearing, Opening and Aligning the Chakra System with a guided energetic balancing meditation.

You’ll be guided through an energy balancing meditation that clears  negativity,

limitations, and energetic debris from your energy system while activating the inherent power of each chakra, connecting you to your deeper Spiritual Self. 

3.  Energetic Intention Alignment


BONUS:  All sessions will include a Living Waters Healing.

Experience the high vibration energy of the Diamond Ray. This spiritual energy will help you integrate the shifts that take place in each healing. 

Channelled into water, coffee or tea, you will be able to notice the difference in taste or texture.


You will feel fantastic!


Start the New Year right!




There’s no better time to CLEAN your SLATE!


PLEASE NOTE: You will be emailed the Zoom link to attend before the workshop January 3rd.

Replays will be posted and accessible shortly afterward.

Bring drinking water!!