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Changing Your Mind When You’re Not Visual

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Changing Your Mind When You’re Not Visual

Question: How can you alter beliefs if you are not good at visualization?


We are all different. Some people work best visually, some are kinesthetic or are feelers, some are more auditory…


There are lots of ways to change beliefs, do release work or create change without using visualization.  The unconscious mind speaks in images, symbols, emotions and body sensations, so they all work!


You can use the body’s energetic system, the emotional system or physiological (body) sensations and feelings to communicate with the unconscious. In fact, if you go through a guided meditation and all you do is feel, that is perfect. You are still giving and receiving messages.


I give some ways you can start to work with your unconscious, instead of against it, in my ebook “Learning to Listen.” It is available here on my website when you subscribe.


Your belief system is not as set in stone as you may think. You do have a foundation of core beliefs that are well ingrained, based on survival and perhaps a few other things depending on your life experience… but much of your belief system shifts all the time as you have new experiences and think new thoughts.


Some of the techniques I use have ways of “locking in” beliefs, energetically or by using the body system.  Some simply dismantle the old belief and putting a new, more supportive one in its place. Some dismantle the underlying support system… if the conscious and unconscious mind are willing!


A belief is just a thought you think over and over again… or a thought or an idea that you have accepted as Truth.


Your conscious mind has a role to play in belief change… so you do have some responsibility.  If you catch yourself going down an old path, you can stop yourself and change direction, or book another session to clear another layer of the onion, so to speak.  But many times the old belief just disappears and your reactions change and you have more choice… especially once you start to work with the unconscious and develop rapport with it.


The one thing I would say is that makes it a bit more challenging to do the work if you have a mind that likes to dissect, know all the details of everything, keeps asking why… It creates a kind of entrapment.  Change doesn’t come about by constantly thinking about the issue. Instead it ingrains it further.  As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.  Thinking and thinking and thinking about the issue doesn’t leave space for the solution or guidance towards the solution to pop in!


It still is possible but it might take more time and effort.


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