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Can You Find Peace?

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October 4, 2018
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October 17, 2018

Why is it that peace so often eludes us? Sometimes it feels like life is overwhelming; we hold so much stress that we forget what peace feels like. When we carry too much negative emotion or get lost in negative ruminating thoughts, we forget that peace resides within us.

If it is true that our perceptions create most of our suffering, how can we change them?  If peace really isn’t outside of us, how can we find it within?  Can serenity really be hiding under all of that fear, all of that anger, all of that depression we may be experiencing?

One of the best ways I know of to release negative emotions is through energy medicine.  I often incorporate the Zpoint process, and in an hour or less, clients feel an incredible reduction of any uncomfortable emotions, allowing a deeper state of peace and tranquility to prevail.

Zpoint is like a clearing program for the subconscious mind. After instructing the subconscious with the Zpoint clearing statement, I have you choose a cue word, which is continually repeated throughout the process and acts like your computer’s delete key.  The process is repeated a number of times to release deeper and deeper layers of stored emotion and possible resistance to change.  Often there are aspects of the psyche that want to hold on to these uncomfortable feelings, whether to protect or punish. Zpoint is extremely effective in releasing layers of emotion that affect our lives in ways we are not even aware of.

I first came across Zpoint shortly after a time when there were 3 deaths in my family within a 5 month period.  After less than an hour of Zpoint, I was in a relaxed state of deep peace and calmness.  I’d forgotten what that deep level of peace felt like…

Over the next few months, there were 2 more deaths in the family, and I have not re-experienced any lasting bouts of grief. How could this be?  Zpoint is amazing!  It just feels so good. It is fast, effective, and gentle. You do not have to talk about your problems; in fact, often we are clearing aspects you are not consciously aware of.

I have watched clients successfully work on relationship issues, work issues, self esteem issues, and releasing past traumas using Zpoint.  While taking the training, I could immediately see a multitude of uses that this process could be used for.  You can even use Zpoint to align your energy with something you are trying to attract or create. It works extremely well with the Law of Attraction.

The process is very effective whether done in person, over the phone or Skype.  It can even be done using a surrogate.  I will often partner it with other techniques or energy work for an even deeper and quicker healing.

If you are struggling in your life, I want you to know that finding peace is possible!  It is already within you and when you start clearing out the thoughts and emotions that block your awareness of it, you won’t even have to go looking for it. Peace was always inside you…

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  1. Dominika says:

    Great technique to calm down your mind. Yes, sometime we have too much negative thoughts and we pay too much attention to them.

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