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Are Your Feet Planted Firmly on the Ground?

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October 17, 2018
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November 6, 2018
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Are Your Feet Planted Firmly on the Ground?

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of clients come to me saying they just don’t feel grounded. They struggle with ruminating thoughts, feeling spacey or drained, unable to focus and not being able to get things done.

If you’re not sure what being grounded means, it’s really about being present in your physical body, being aware and conscious of the present moment.

You might call it being centered or solid within yourself. Your awareness is INSIDE your body – not spending all your time thinking about the past or the future.

Grounding is important for so many reasons…

including strengthening your energy system and your boundaries,

NOT picking emotions up from others,

improving recall of your actions and experiences,

and increasing both your self awareness and your resilience.

You will make better choices – decisions that are more aligned with you – when you have that sense of presence.

Today I am sharing a short video on grounding. It explains a bit more about what grounding is, why imagining growing roots doesn’t work (at least for me), and some effective tips on grounding.

My spirit helpers gave me an easy exercise that you can do anywhere… something I’ve not heard anywhere else… and I share it in this video.  If you struggle with staying grounded, I suggest you check it out.




  1. Hi Linda, Great advice for grounding indoors. Outdoors I also recommend being barefoot on grass for at least 15 mins as that allows a physical grounding of our unwanted electromagnetic debris as well as creating a wonderful connection with nature. Some interesting research here:

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