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November 24, 2021
When Your Soul Wakes You Up
When Your Soul Wakes You Up
December 12, 2021

Would you like more magic and synchronicity in your life? Then step into the world of alchemy. Below is the video and transcript of our podcast episode 140 where Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith teaches us how to have these with her Creative Alchemy Method of healing, transformation and manifestation.

Episode 140 is all about: Navigating the path to fulfillment; Healing emotions; Actualizing your Living Vison; The I AM Presence; The power of decree; The 3-fold heart flame; The Violet Flame; The “fall”; Spiritual bypass; Sacred emotions and how to use them for transformation; Aligning with your purpose, and more…

You can watch the video episode here or scroll down to read the transcript. Enjoy!

Announcer:  Welcome to Exploring the Mystical Side of Life with your host, Linda Lang

Linda: Hi this is Linda Lang from  If you are enjoying this podcast please check out some of our other topics. Today I have the delightful Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith and we are talking about alchemy. Welcome Stephanie.

Stephanie: Hello everyone. Delighted to be here. Thank you very much Linda.

Linda: Stephanie is the founder of the Creative Alchemy system and she has a really beautiful story to share with us let’s go back to 1995 Stephanie what changed in your world?

Stephanie:  Well, I’ve been on the um spiritual path since I was about 12 when I found the Edgar Cayce books and that changed my life.  And I had also been studying many modalities of healing and working on my own healing from a very, very intense traumatic childhood.

I was having a wonderful life functioning at a very high level, running a theater with my late husband, a beautiful daughter but inside, I was really suffering. And I made a very strong call one day, you know, “When would this end? How would this end? How would I make… when could I make an amazing contribution to the world? 

And on that day I heard an answer on the air, and that became an extraordinary two-year experience when the veil entirely dropped. And I call it a radical awakening and divine intervention, and basically I began to communicate with the ascended masters and the cosmic beings, the elemental beings.  Every consciousness and everything wanted to speak; they were so excited that somebody could hear. I likened it to the dial just turned to the right channel because I believe they’re always trying to communicate with all of us.  And I re-met a woman I’d met, Christina Hogman, and we began this journey together and we spent a summer creating healing modalities and a lot of those healing modalities became the Creative Alchemy Method.  And I was given some very special ones having to do with healing through drawing and art, which is quite unusual, which I did for two years and it was it was remarkable.  Remarkably effective because we’d both been on a healing journey for so long and we were healers ourselves.

Linda:  So Stephanie, you put out the call to the Universe. There was something inside you that was not fulfilling… Do you think that’s the same for most people? That they have that inner need to contribute?

Stephanie: I do, I do because I think that’s part of creating a meaningful and purposeful life.  And I think that, you know, no matter how successful we become, if we’re not aligned with our true purpose, we won’t be really happy.  And I do believe we have a true purpose, that every single person has a true purpose.

Linda: Yeah, I believe that too, and perhaps that sense of fulfillment can be a bit of a guide post of how well we are navigating that path, if we are on the path to fulfillment or if somehow we’ve gotten distracted maybe?

Stephanie: My first book, which is called God’s Theory of Creativity, which is a memoir that describes these two years. I describe how I became in alignment with my inner god-self, the illuminatus aspect of my being, and a lot of it is active listening.  We are receiving this guidance continually and I do believe there is a compass – a compass builds – but so many of us are disassociated and not connected to the body and that discernment.

And that sense of fulfillment that you’re discussing won’t actually kick in if we’re disassociated and emotionally traumatized, so I feel that there has to be a system and that’s what my system is.  First we have to heal the traumatic emotions, then we become able to align with the higher mind or the higher self, and that is the bridge between the god-self,  the god/goddess-self or the ascended-master-self that has the whole divine plan, the whole you know geometric sacred plan for your particular life, and then it literally downloads it.  Literally comes into the body and you just start to actualize it, and find yourself doing things in a complete synchronistic flow.

Linda: So what do you mean by active listening?

Stephanie: Even though I’d always been an empath and super intuitive, I was not listening to my higher self.  My mind was chaotic.  And I also don’t believe there’s any such thing as mental illness.  I believe it’s all emotional illness, it’s traumatized emotions.  We’ve got this idea that there’s some bad emotions and good emotions, and we suppress them and we don’t want to re-experience the pain when they went in and so we are basically disassociate. 

Because emotions are an aspect of the body. They are actually created by a chemical cascade that is particular each emotion that we analyze and perceive by the mind based on our belief structure and our past experience. So you could experience fear where I experience thrill, and that’s because you have a traumatic experience that is recoding that emotional cascade.  So our emotions are very much of the body.

If we’re traumatized and we have suppressed our emotions, we do not want to be in our body. so we stay in our minds; we distract ourselves, we watch television, we do everything to excess shop you know, have random relationships, self-medicate in in harmful ways, and that’s all to stay out of the body.  So once you start to heal the emotion, you can start to re-enter the body. Your energy body, your body elemental, your mental body, and your, you know the other aspects of your seven-fold nature can start to integrate into this earthly vehicle, your quantum navigator for your earth experience.

And then you start to be able to have those sensorial experiences of fulfillment, knowing you’re right, on the right path. Discernment, like why do we go in the same bad relationship again and again, just a different person in a different body, because the discernment is just not there and we’re operating from our wound. So wound meets wound and here you are again. 

So that’s why I’ve really laid out the system in a very, very specific way.  so we first we heal our emotions, then we elevate our imagination to “living vision.” because we all have an imagination but if it’s not used as a living vision, a template for manifestation, we will just create castles in the sky. And then I connect people to their I AM presence; the “I am that I am” is a sacred name for the All That Is, which we are a fractal component of with all the qualities and abilities of. 

And I AM are the words of power which, of course, we abuse all the time, but there’s a science of decree where we can use these words to start to build qualities into our auric field, our energy system that actually are eternal commands. They’re sort of like affirmations time a thousand. A decree is much more powerful and it creates something eternal.

Linda: Would you like to give us an example?

Stephanie: I’ll give you a great little short demonstration using alchemical technology. So the violet flame is something very important for people to know about. The violet fire is a cosmic fire, a spiritual fire, however as we know, you know, the violet ray is the shortest ray. It is the ray that it connects us to infinity. It’s the disappearing ray on the rainbow. When we call in the violet fire, we can cleanse where we’re holding debris.

So if I do one now for all our listeners, so we would we would connect with our own I AM presence, then we will call the guardians of the violet fire which is the ascended master, Saint Germain and the archangel Zadkiel. And there are other beings as well; those two we’ll stick with for now.

And we ask the violet fire to move through our four lower bodies, and they’re only lower because they’re our earthly vehicles – our mind, energy body, our emotional body, and our physical body – and we ask the violet fire to dissolve cause, core, record, effect and memory of anything that is separating us from our divine estate, from our majesty, from our wholeness, from our true purpose. And we ask the fire to do this with ease and grace.

So the fire starts to move the heavy tar that’s in some people, or the dark smoke, and it starts to dissolve it.  And we can do this every day.

We can use a decree, “I AM a being of violet fire. IAM the purity god desires,” and that god is our own individualized god-self so it is something within us, not something without us.  And then after we’ve cleansed the substance of our very being, we can re-qualify it with a divine decree and that can be, what are you looking for in your life?  What do you feel you’re missing?

The triad in our hearts of the divine spark is love, wisdom and power. That is the threefold flame within our hearts, and where the I AM presence connects to us. So often we have a lot of love, so many people have a lot of love and very little will, or they’re afraid of power because they just see power being used poorly.

You can check inside yourself, our lovely listeners, and work out which of those three you could need some help with, and you just simply say, “I AM divine power.” and once you say divine power or cosmic power, you’re basically saying “this is for my own highest good and the highest good of all,” which are never opposed, so you don’t have to worry about the examples of negative power that we’ve all grown up with.

Because when we finally come into balance of love, wisdom and power, that threefold flame returns to encompass our entire being and world as it did before “the fall.” Now the fall is actually when we fell out of our I AM presence.

The auric field of our I AM presence is called the causal body. It’s got a name in every culture in the world. In Christianity it’s called “the stores laid up in heaven.” it’s called the diamond body, the rainbow body in all the different cultures. And that is where all our abundance is. 

And when we are in complete alignment, everything we need flows because whatever we need for our true purpose comes into our hand in use now.

Linda: I’m getting that sense that your Creative Alchemy process is not just a manifestation process, it is an alignment.

Stephanie: The original name of it was Source Alignment. That’s what I called it but I feel that a lot of people aren’t ready for that. A lot of people need to heal their emotions first. And you know the term spiritual bypass where a lot of people are getting all the spiritual stuff, and they can even get the powers and the gifts, but if they haven’t healed their emotions, they will they will self-sabotage. They’ll create their own little Frankenstein’s, and I’ve been there for sure.

You know, so it’s like we need to be patient and heal the emotions first. And then absolutely, if people want to go all the way, it is a technology for source alignment and that’s when the treasure chest of the universe absolutely springs wide open and we become the magicians that we all are.

Linda: And there’s a lot of gifts in working with the emotions; it’s part of living fully, to have a full spectrum of emotion and to just process the energy.

Stephanie:  I totally agree. I’m in love with the emotions. I call myself “the Emotion Queen.”  I embrace all my emotions fully. I think they’re all totally sacred, there is no bad emotion.

When I began to understand that I could experience anger in my body as my power, and move myself away from story and realize that anybody who triggered my anger was actually a holy teacher telling me where I still had a wound or a snag. Once you own your emotions and you fall in love with them and you experience them, sacred anger, holy anger, that is our boundary of the righteous. Anger for justice. There’s so many sacred things in anger. And like you were saying earlier, motivation, the passion, you begin to see that they’re all very, very, very special gifts, and you experience the world differently.

And as you heal inside and begin to realize you are creating all these emotions, only your consciousness can act in your life. That’s so important to know. To move out of victimhood and realize if you want to create your reality you have to understand you have actually already created your reality. You have entirely authored this particular reality. You just want to make a new one.

And I find that falling in love with your emotions, you actually change your story outside too. I was surrounded by angry people a lot of the time when my anger was very suppressed. I have very little anger now. My one world is filled with loving people. There is nobody in my world that is not loving and kind and honorable, and that has been the process of healing my inner world.

So I really explained in the book how to reverse engineer something happens to you that hurts, remove away from story and go inside.  You know, when did you first feel this? What is the pattern with this? How are you creating your external reality by the wounds projecting out in your cellular frequency? The bonus of healing these emotions is just beyond belief because once you heal the emotions, then you can move into transforming the imagination into living vision.

And one thing I learned from the ascended masters, which is kind of amusing but also quite kind of horrifying, is that all our half-baked plans are all around us in the in the electromagnetic field, drawing on our energy. So before we move into active manifestation, living vision, we need to clean all that up with violet fire. So the whole past, and all the plans and all the regrets, and all the sense of failure, etc., we need to reframe that into wonderful experiences where we learned in this wonderful earth university.

And we clean our slate and then we align with our purpose and the I AM presence. We download as much as we can and we start slow – acorns.  From little acorns, mighty oak trees grow. Slow, slow progress builds a mighty foundation. And we start to manifest slowly but surely.

And I’ve had some amazing manifestation experiences using this technology, including ones that were very painful because I hadn’t healed my emotion yet.

Linda: Well, I do agree with you, Stephanie, that if your foundation has cracks in it, or you’re holding a lot of pain, suffering, unresolved emotions… to put this new creative energy on top of that and have your wounds as your foundation, your building’s not going to be as strong and secure as if you cleaned up those emotions and then stepped into alignment.  Now do you have any tips for our listeners about how to step into alignment with their life purpose?

Stephanie:  The energy body influences the mental emotional and physical body. it is the strongest body; it is the body that holds all our memories in the Akashic Records and survives physical death, so it is the one to start to work with first I believe, you know, as far as this reframing and connecting to Source.

So the science of decree is the most powerful thing. You’re literally re-sounding your entire energy field. And I used prayer a lot as well when I was shifting, and that was a way to kind of heal anxiety. I used prayers from my background — the Lord’s Prayer and the Hail Mary. I am in a bliss state most of the time. I want to tell our listeners I’m in the bliss body all the time because so much of the electrical nature of my I AM presence is able to be in my body now.

So I suggest the science of decree to create a mantra that really suits you. it can be, “I AM cosmic victory,” which is extraordinary and evidently every time we say that, a little flame of cosmic victory bursts in our auric field dissolving everything that came before. Or “I AM the violet flame,” but choose one. Try them out for a few days, and you can kind of sense in your body which one kind of gives you a little “oh, I love that.” Find the decree that feels the best, and then you just start to say it all the time. And what it does is it replaces the lower unconscious tape of “I am unworthy,” “I am too old,” “I am too young…” all the I AM powerful statements we say that the universe goes, “okay, coming right up…”  So replacing that tape with divine decree, which has the power to command the universe, to weave atoms into the form of our reality, is the most powerful thing our listeners can do. 

And then you just suddenly find, “Whoa, I haven’t had any negative thoughts for like a whole day,” and then that just grows and grows and grows, and then the power can come in.

And the I AM presence, by the way, is love beyond reckoning. It loves us; we are an extension of it and it loves us more than we can possibly know. The base of this is love, love that wants to evolve and grow and create in limitlessness and freedom, joy and play, and that’s where we’re moving to with all of this.  So it’s just play. Like I used to think, “Oh higher purpose, that’s going to be kind of boring,” you know. No, once you connect to your true purpose, you are so excited to get out of bed every morning.

Linda: Life is a gift. Life is a gift, it’s not always easy but it is something that we experience just for the experience, I think, and to know ourselves more.

Stephanie:  I agree, and to extend the databank of the Omniverse. I think we can all get to this point where challenges come and we kind of look at them as clues. So, like if a challenge comes, I’ll either say, “Okay, that’s not the right path” or reverse engineer, there’s something I need to look at inside of myself. I look for the teaching in it, and I no longer feel put upon or oppressed or victimized. I just say, “Okay, challenge what does this mean?” And it’s like reframing all this.

And of course, there are days when you, you know, experience life in a different way. It’s not about being radically happy.  It’s about experiencing everything fully because, of course, the price of love, can be grief. You know, there are all sorts of emotions that come in that are not necessarily happiness, but underneath that there is this sort of anchor of experiencing our own love for ourselves and the universe as a benign and loving place that wants us to experience in a wonderful way.

Linda: So Stephanie, you brought up a really good point and that really is having the discernment to know whether something that isn’t working in your life, whether it is something within you that needs healing or whether it’s a sign that this is not the way to go. How do you know the difference?

Stephanie: It is again, it’s that discernment. And now I feel I have worked for so long on my discernment and I’m so clear inside. That doesn’t mean that something might come from another dimension, timeline or lifetime at some point, but right now in this life, I feel very, very clear. Therefore, most of the time if the challenge comes that doesn’t feel right, it usually means for me I’m knocked on the wrong door. That’s not the right door. Earlier in my journey, it would often mean reverse engineer, a wound is being triggered and you need to you need to track it down. You need to go on that treasure hunt.

How do you discern between the two? It is by active listening. It’s by going deeply into the feeling that you’re feeling in your body. Is it attached to emotion? Is there anger underneath it? Is there grief? Is there fear? Or is it just a knowing that this is a door that shut and it’s really, a much better door is going to be to the right of it? And so I just sort of shrug these days; I don’t worry. Doors that don’t open necessarily and I just think, “Okay, that one’s not right. Go for another one.” and it just becomes this marvelous treasure hunt which is very exciting.

Linda: Perfect, and you answered my question about active listening. It’s really paying attention to your physiological response because the body responds and it doesn’t lie. And sometimes the actions or reactions of the body are very subtle; sometimes they’re very quick… because then the mind starts to get involved and tell a story… but if you take that time to pause and really tune in, there’s a wealth of information for you.

Stephanie:  I think that’s beautifully put, and I think synchronicity, which happens when you’re really in the flow, is really basically body wisdom – the multi-dimensional nature of the body creating the pathways in in the energy fields where we just find ourselves walking into a bookstore, walking over the shelf, our hand goes up and the right book goes into our hand. How did that happen? When we really are actively listening, and we can surrender and let the body do what its genius is, that we start to get these wonderful, wonderful synchronicities and that’s another very good sign that you’re on your purpose. The more you’re in alignment with your true purpose and your Source, your source alignment the more synchronicity.

Linda: That’s what I call magic.

Stephanie:  Magic and synchronicity are probably pretty close. And alchemy is right in there too, you know changing the lead to gold. We do it with our spirit; we’re changing the lead of our spirit to the gold of our radiant eternal infinite being.

Linda: Three of my favorite words, I love it Stephanie. Thank you so much for being my guest this week. Would you like to share your contact information? Your website? Your book?

Stephanie:  Sure well I’ve got my book here; it’s got a wonderful forward by Jack Canfield from Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Success Principles in The Secret. He’s called it “a crucial book for our times,” which is wonderful.

My website is

Linda: Thank you again for being my guest.

Stephanie: Oh, thank you Linda so much. It’s been an absolute pleasure and an honor.

Linda: By the way, Edgar Cayce has a really beautiful twist on the Lord’s Prayer that balances and opens all of your chakras and your endocrine system. So check out Edgar Cayce’s version of the Lord’s Prayer; it’s just a little bit different and you can read about his explanation about how it balances.

Stephanie: I’m very excited too because I think the Lord’s Prayer is amazing. The Aramaic translation is extraordinary too. That is a great deal I can’t wait to explore myself. Thank you.

Linda: And thank you listeners for tuning in once again. You will find all of our conversations on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio. Come and visit me at Pick up your copy of Learning to Listen. Check out my group Alchemy from the Inside Out if you’d like to start bringing some alchemical magic into your life. That’s it for this week. Bye for now.

Linda: Sadly Stephanie passed away unexpectedly two weeks after this interview but her wisdom is still available through her book.

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