Inner Marriage Retreat

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May 17, 2014
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Inner Marriage Retreat

Guest blog by Susanna McCan


With the Whole Body Goddess work, we lovingly and respectfully opened up to deeper appreciation of and connection with our female body, especially the reproductive organs.  Taking the same loving and respectful approach in the Inner Marriage Retreat, we will explore, experience, and learn how to cultivate Union with the Divine in our bodies for:


  • Infusion of deep joy into daily life.
  • Powerful healing and integration.
  • Creation of a powerful template within our own system for attracting and engaging with our “outer” intimate partner, if so desired; gaining more self-sufficiency, compassion, and appreciation, to “clear space” for deeper, healthier intimate partnerships.
  • Learning how to invite the experience of Divine Union into our everyday life in a way that does not require extra time set aside for focused practice.


The mystics of the world’s wisdom traditions have long used passionate love and marriage as a metaphor for Divine Union (marriage of Shiva and Shakti, the Church as the Bride of Christ, etc.).  Well, this is NOT JUST   an analogy!  It is very real and practical, and it is what we will be exploring in this retreat!


Here is a sample poem by Jalal Ad-Din Rumi, the well-known Sufi master, that you might enjoy:


Green Fire is the sign of the New Body             Fire Oval-T1

My love and Yours engender in the bed of dawn.            

Green fire licks all pride from the skull           

And soaks each trembling cell with Heaven.



The Inner Marriage Retreat will be held June 8th in Ottawa, ON.

If you have not already registered and want to do so, your registration form is at the bottom of this page:

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