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August 12, 2016
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September 28, 2016
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Diamond Ray Energy Healing

There were some wonderful new developments happening at ThoughtChange. And I’m very excited about them!!

Being a healer and change facilitator, I’ve trained in a number of energy and energy psychology systems.  I work with Reiki, Huna energy and shamanism, hypnotherapy, Emotion Code and more… (http://thoughtchange.com/toolbox/)

Over the years I’ve discovered a way to customize private sessions using my intuition and guidance and the various modalities I work with.  This process has proven to be very effective, assisting clients in their awareness and transformation.  These sessions are called Emotional Alchemy sessions and each one is completely different and always very interesting!


Over the last several months a new kind of energy has come through when I direct energy.  It’s a very fast, very efficient, very high vibration and intelligent energy.  In fact, if you’ve had a session with me recently, you’ve probably experienced it!

I’ve been told that this energy is called the Diamond Ray and I’ve been using it  for all kinds of things!  Including restructuring water.


I’d love to introduce you to the Diamond Ray energy
with a Living Water Healing session
~ a 20 minute session
over the phone, by Skype or Zoom only

Each session will include a transmission of Diamond Ray energy channelled to you and to a glass of water that will be calibrated for your personal needs. YES, even though you are not in the same location, you will be able to taste the difference!!  The water becomes smoother and silkier as the energy continues to work.  You might even get a message that comes through for you.

If you’d like to book your personal Diamond Ray session, please email me at Linda@thoughtchange.com.


water glass


 This introductory offer will last only for September!


Here are just a few testimonials:

Thanks so much for the water – the pain in my left lung is just about gone.  How exciting!  (V.)

Blue Butterfly


I just finished off my huge glass of water a few minutes ago. I added frozen lemons and used it as my water for the whole day. I did so much stuff today!  So first reaction is that I felt great and energized more than ever. 

Second reaction was that, by the end, the water was more fresh and thirst quenching than in the morning when it tasted of iron. In the end the lemon was so sweet as well. Pretty cool. I was thinking further on the message of releasing patterns that no longer serve and glad to report that when I think of my current situation, I now feel remarkably hopeful. There is a definite light ahead.  (M.)


Blue Butterfly
The (channeled) message was very clear! It’s one I know well, yet this moment of “reminder” is spot on for me.

I loved the word silky (to describe the water). That was the quality of the water that stood out. It seemed to increase over the next little while afterwards. AND, I wrote part of a marketing piece in a new way. I had had an insight about it earlier and it all flowed easily later on when I had the space to write.  (L.)


Blue Butterfly

I’ve had a few days that had a bit of a headache. Interestingly, when I listened in and drank my water, the headache has ‘moved away’ from my head, which is the best way to describe it. So nice and gentle!  (M.)


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